5 Signs You Should Invest In Your Thyroid Health

Even mild thyroid dysfunction can lead to a long list of frustrating symptoms.

This article discusses 5 signs you should invest in your thyroid health.

Do you know all these?

The 5 Signs You Should Invest In Your Thyroid Health

Sign #1: You’re Always Tired

The #1 warning sign of an underactive thyroid if fatigue. It seems no matter how much rest you get, you always feel tired and exhausted.

As you would expect it’s not normal to experience unrelenting fatigue. For this reason if you are always feeling tired other symptoms related to slow metabolism you should discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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Sign #2: You Have Started Looking For a Miracle Hair Loss Treatment

Did you know your thyroid could be to blame for hair loss? In fact, hair loss is an extremely common and distressing symptom of hypothyroidism. Studies show a drop in thyroid hormone activity can trigger hair loss from all over your scalp.

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Sign #3: You Have High Cholesterol Despite a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

Despite your best efforts to eat well, and keep active research shows thyroid dysfunction has a significant effect on cholesterol metabolism. Moreover, low thyroid function slows metabolism making it more difficult for your body to clear cholesterol.

As a result it’s common for individuals with thyroid problems to experience high cholesterol.

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Sign #4: Lately You’ve Been Feeling Depressed and Anxious

The thyroid hormones are widely distributed in the emotional centers of the brain. For this reason, there is a definite link between thyroid health and emotional wellbeing.

In fact, it seems shocking that many people are not routinely checked for an underlying thyroid disorder when they develop mood issues, especially when they also present with a long list of hypothyroid symptoms. When this vital connection is missed individuals end up being prescribed anti-depressant medications.

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Sign #5: You’ve Got Brain Fog and a Poor Memory

Brain fog is a common complaint when you have hypothyroidism as your thyroid hormones stimulate energy metabolism within the central nervous system. Consequently, a drop in thyroid hormone activity can have a serious impact on cognitive function. You may experience this as poor memory and muddled thinking. Furthermore, this puts you at greater risk of age related cognitive decline.

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Where ever you are on your healing journey trust that your body has a beautifully designed healing system. You can help reset your thyroid naturally by eating a nutritious diet, supplementing daily with thyroid specific nutrients, switching to a thyroid supporting lifestyle and making use of the most appropriate medical intervention such as thyroid hormone replacement.

Please note: Hypothyroidism is a serious endocrine disorder that often causes a steady decline in health. Therefore it’s vital to get the help you need. We recommend discussing your symptoms, your medical history and the biggest factors undermining your thyroid health with your trusted healthcare practitioner.

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