6 Factors That Set Off Excess Reverse T3

Worried about high reverse T3 (RT3)? My second article titled ‘6 Factors That Set Off Excess Reverse T3’ has been published on the Thyroid Nation website.

Discover 6 Factors That Set Off Excess Reverse T3

In this thyroid health article I explore the topic of reverse T3.

You may want to take a closer look at reverse T3 if you continue to experience a range of low thyroid symptoms, particularly if your standard thyroid test results appear to be normal.

Did you know?

If your body is producing excess RT3 it blocks T3 from doing it’s job? In essence, excess reverse T3 pushes your body into a hypothyroid state.

You can take a few moments here now to review my excess reverse T3 symptoms checklist:

+ You feel tired all the time
+ You have a cold body temperature
+ Your hair is falling out at an alarming rate
+ You have problems losing weight, or gain weight easily
+ You have low blood pressure, and a slow heart rate
+ You have mood swings that range from mild to severe
+ You feel down-in-the-dumps, even depressed
+ You have brain fog, and memory problems
+ You have swelling around your throat
+ You’re easily irritated, or stressed
+ Your muscles ache, or you have pains in your joints
+ If you are a woman, you may be experiencing menstrual problems
+ Your skin is dry and pale
+ You have sluggish digestion and constipation
+ Your face, hands, or feet become easily swollen or puffy
+ You have lost your mojo!

WHY Does The Body Produce Excess Reverse T3? What Causes This Imbalance?

I have identified six major factors over the years. Could one or more apply to you? Please click here to read my article 6 Factors That Set Off Excess Reverse T3 on the Thyroid Nation blog. The Thyroid Nation blog is a global blog dedicated to raising thyroid health awareness.


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