About Us

Welcome to Synergy Nutritionals! We are delighted you’ve found our little corner of the web dedicated to helping everyone live a healthy and active life.

When we started Synergy Nutritionals over 10 years ago, our vision was simple – provide quality information and products to support optimal well-being. While our website has grown over the years, that guiding mission remains the same. We want to make living a healthy lifestyle easier and more accessible.

Our Story

Synergy Nutritionals was initially founded in 2003 by Queensland naturopath, Louise O’Connor.

What started as a passion project quickly grew into a thriving natural health business.

The website is now run by Lydnon and Karen at Joalah Enterprises.

While Synergy Nutritional has grown, our commitment to share knowledge and empower people hasn’t changed. We go beyond selling products by providing education and transparency. Your health and happiness drive us.

Our Values

Synergy Nutritionals was built on a foundation of trust, care and honesty. We aim to uphold values of:

  • Integrity – We research thoroughly and only recommend products we believe in. You can trust our guidance.
  • Quality – Every ingredient and supplier is rigorously evaluated. We sell only premium products.
  • Service – Our customer support team cares. We’re ready to answer any questions with compassion.
  • Community – Health is a journey. We build an inclusive, supportive community.
  • Education – Knowledge is power. We provide science-based wellness education.
  • Sustainability – The health of people and planet are connected. We operate sustainably.

Our Vision for the Future

As Synergy Nutritionals continues to evolve, our long-term goals stay fixed on helping you live better each day.

We’ll continue expanding our line of research-backed supplements to provide targeted wellness solutions. Our team plans to create more in-depth educational health resources like ebooks, videos and guides. We aim to foster a stronger community that motivates and inspires our customers.

Most importantly, we want to make healthy living achievable and sustainable for you, our valued customer. We’re devoted to this purpose and are grateful you’ve joined us on the journey!

Wishing you the best of health,

The Synergy Nutritionals Team