What You Need To Know About Copper-FREE Thyroid Supplements

These days it’s more common to see copper-FREE thyroid supplements promoted online.

The reasons WHY?

It’s rare to be deficient in copper. We get more than enough copper from drinking water, and dietary sources. So taking a copper supplement is often unnecessary, even downright risky.

It’s risky as the body finds it difficult to process, and excrete excess copper. This is a common problem, especially for women as estrogen increases copper retention.

Copper is Both Essential…And Toxic

While copper does provide health benefits, it easily builds up in the body which can be detrimental.

When the body is unable to effectively clear copper it leads to a copper overload. And that’s problematic as too much copper has side effects. It’s a threat to your overall health, and an excess easily disrupts the body’s finely tuned zinc-copper ratio.

Let me explain more…

The Body Strives to Maintain an Optimal Zinc-Copper Balance

Too much copper is problematic because COPPER BLOCKS ZINC.

These two minerals are natural antagonists. So when copper goes up, zinc goes down. And that’s NOT what you want when you have hypothyroidism…zinc is one mineral you need working properly.

Zinc assists wound healing, is required for proper taste and smell reception, and due to the fact this mineral contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails it’s often called the ‘beauty mineral’.

Most importantly, when it comes to thyroid health zinc teams up with selenium to aid activation of thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3). The conversion of T4 through to T3 is an important step for maintaining an optimal metabolic rate.

The most effective way to lower excess copper is to supplement with zinc as this helps re-establish an optimal copper-zinc ratio. This is a straightforward strategy once you understand zinc can help lower copper. However be cautious! When an individual has an established copper overload this issue should be treated with care. So much so I strongly recommend consulting a functional medicine practitioner with experience in treating copper overload.

Faulty Genes Can Predispose You to Copper Overload

If you have been diagnosed with a pyrrole disorder a copper supplement is definitely not recommend. This genetic disorder is managed in part by avoiding copper, and restoring healthy levels of vitamin B6, and zinc.

Additionally, individuals with Wilson’s disease, or other genetic copper metabolism disorders are warned against taking nutritional supplements containing copper. Wilson’s disease is a genetic disorder that prevents the body from properly clearing copper. Over time, copper toxicity causes organ damage, most notably damage to the liver.

What You Need to Know About Copper-Free Thyroid Supplements

You think you’re doing the right thing by taking a thyroid supplement when you are struggling with hypothyroidism…BUT copper is one ingredient you don’t want to see listed on the side panel.

What should you be doing?

Read labels to make sure you’re not taking copper. Too much copper has side effects, it’s a threat to your overall health, and excess copper easily disrupts your optimal zinc-copper ratio.

Like to know more about taking specific nutrients beneficial for thyroid health?

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NOTE: This information should not be used as a substitute for treatment, or advice from your qualified healthcare practitioner. Consult your qualified healthcare practitioner before beginning any new nutritional product, diet, exercise, or health program as they are best suited to make recommendations to support your overall health. This is especially important if you have a diagnosed medical condition, are taking prescription medication, or have a specific genetic issue. Some natural health supplements are not recommended during pregnancy, or breast feeding due to a lack of scientific investigations.


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