Could A Gluten-Free Diet Help Heal Your Thyroid?

A gluten-free diet strictly excludes gluten which is a common food protein found naturally in a variety of grains.

Gluten is also found in a wide range of processed foods along with beer and malt drinks as they are made using gluten-containing grains.

Gluten Exposure Can Damage The Gut

The biggest problem with gluten is that it easily damages the gut. Once this happens the body reacts to gluten as something foreign and launches a rapid immune response which spreads like wildfire throughout the WHOLE body.

It’s the reason why gluten sensitivity is linked to systemic inflammation.

Concerned gluten could be causing problems? You can learn more here: Problem With Gluten? Here’s A Quick Gluten Intolerance Checklist

Could Ditching Gluten Help Heal Your Gut AND Thyroid?

YES! Ditching gluten can make a tremendous difference in overall health and wellbeing. In fact, all sorts of things can happen when you stop eating gluten.

Eliminating gluten may help you finally lose weight, feel more energetic and mentally sharp, and may even finally put an end to belly bloating.

Furthermore, studies show a strong link between gluten exposure and autoimmunity so going gluten-free is definitely something to seriously consider if you have a diagnosed autoimmune thyroid disorder.

What Foods Don’t Contain Gluten?

Sure, a gluten free diet is not always easy to follow but fortunately there are now many gluten-free alternatives available.

The best news?

A nutritious, REAL food diet is low in gluten. That’s because vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, meat and selected grains do not contain gluten.


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