How Much Iodine Is Safe To Take Daily?

Iodine is an essential trace mineral crucial for wellbeing. But how much iodine is safe to take daily?

To put it simply, when it comes to taking iodine it is about balanced intake. Not too much, not too little.

This means for healthy individuals taking between 150-300 micrograms daily is considered a safe amount of iodine.

You should avoid taking high doses of iodine unless you are doing this under medical supervision. 

How Much Iodine Supports Health Thyroid Function?

Due to it’s vital role in thyroid hormone production it’s important to ensure adequate intake of iodine. A deficiency can lead to iodine induced hypothyroidism, enlargement of the thyroid, and a reduced ability of the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones.

Be aware, a microgram measurement can be abbreviated as ‘mcg’ or ‘µg’ on a label. Secondly, 1000 micrograms equals 1 milligram. If you see milligram, not microgram quantities recommended it is wise to check intake with your healthcare practitioner who can advise if suitable for you.

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