Your Low Thyroid Symptoms Checklist: Do You Know All These?

Ongoing fatigue and feeling cold all the time are major hypothyroid symptoms. Are there others you need to know about? Discover more with this low thyroid symptoms checklist.

Quick Low Thyroid Symptoms Checklist

Hypothyroidism leads to low production, and reduced activity of the thyroid hormones. And depending on the severity of the thyroid imbalance it triggers a wide range of symptoms.

Please take a few moments to review my low thyroid symptoms checklist.

+ Sensitivity to cold weather
+ Noticeable hair loss
+ Constant fatigue
+ Dry skin and hair
+ Difficulty losing weight
+ Loss of appetite
+ Memory loss
+ Pins and needles in hands/feet
+ Muscles aches and joint pain
+ Constipation, and low gut function
+ Carpal tunnel syndrome
+ Feelings of depression, or anxiety
+ Elevated cholesterol
+ Poor bone mineral density
+ Slow heart rate
+ Low blood pressure
+ Puffy face and hands
+ Outer third of eyebrow is sparse, or missing
+ Swollen and puffy ankles and feet
+ Goitre (swelling of thyroid)
Fertility issues
 For women, heavy periods and/or menstrual cramps
+ For children, growth and developmental delays

What Should You Do Next?

The small butterfly shaped thyroid gland produces hormones that influence many critical functions of the body’s.

In effect, your thyroid hormones keep your body working in tip-top shape. This is WHY even a slight dip in thyroid hormone activity impacts your health and happiness.

If you suspect your thyroid is working below par the next step is to get comprehensive testing.

You see proper testing provides an important diagnostic framework. It eliminates any guesswork, and provides invaluable insights into overall thyroid function. In fact, a thyroid problem is easily missed when your concerns are not properly investigated.

Most importantly, comprehensive testing helps establish the best way forward with an effective treatment strategy. For this reason it’s a topic I regularly discuss here on the ThyroSynergy® blog.

> > To find out what’s really going on you need five thyroid tests and I list them here: Top 5 Thyroid Tests: The Best Tests To Discuss With Your Doctor


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