Thyroid Fatigue Solutions: How to Get Your Life Back!

The #1 warning sign you are experiencing thyroid dysfunction is extreme fatigue.

And as you would expect, living in a state of constant exhaustion is anything but normal. BUT it becomes the NORM with hypothyroidism as the thyroid hormones are critical to power up energy production – right down to a cell level.

So if you continue to struggle with thyroid fatigue it indicates the thyroid hormones are not working at a cell level.

Here’s How To End Thyroid Fatigue

Ready to take action?

Here’s are my five expert tips to help beat thyroid-related fatigue:

1. Make REAL Food Your Medicine

There’s an epidemic of thyroid-related disorders and I believe that for the most part it’s attributed to the radical shift in the way we eat due to industrialization of our food supply.

This makes it more important then ever to eat a healthy, and nutritious diet to heal hypothyroidism. This article lists the best foods to eat for thyroid health.

2. Avoid Sub-optimal Nutrient Deficiencies

You may want to consider taking thyroid-supporting vitamins and minerals to support optimal thyroid function. When taken as recommended top quality dietary supplements are an important extension of healthy eating, and are incredibly useful to fill any vitamin and mineral gaps in your diet.

But not all dietary supplements are created equal. But I can help you with my expert tips here: Finding The Best Thyroid Supplements.

3. Reduce Stress Which Zaps Energy Reserves

All physical, emotional, and psychological stress take a serious toll on your health, especially when the stress is sustained. What’s more, when you have a hypothyroid disorder it seriously reduces your ability to handle stress.

If you are struggling with ongoing fatigue, mood swings, poor concentration, memory loss, sleep difficulties, anxiety, even depression you will want to read The Surprising Ways Thyroid Hormones Affect Your Mood.

4. Get A Better Night’s Sleep

We know a good night’s sleep is essential to help beat fatigue. But if you’re having trouble sleeping you may want to try mediatation, or natural aids to help you unwind.

5. Keep Your Body Moving

We’ve been taught to think that high intensity workouts are the only way to crank metabolism – not true! All types of movement and physical activity will naturally stimulate metabolism, which in turn can make you feel more energetic.

As a word of caution, overtraining can be harmful when you have hypothyroidism.

Note: This information should not be used as a substitute for treatment, or advice from your qualified healthcare practitioner. Consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any new nutritional product, diet, exercise, or health program. This is especially important if you have a diagnosed medical condition, or are taking prescription medication.


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