Top 5 Reasons Why Thyroid Health Is Important To Your Wellbeing

You may not give your thyroid a second thought until something goes wrong. But the thing is thyroid troubles can cause a range of seemingly unrelated health issues from weight gain to hair loss. Here are the top 5 reasons why thyroid health is important to the way you feel, both physically and mentally!

Discover The Top 5 Reasons Why Thyroid Health Is Important To Wellbeing

#1 It’s Far Easier To Maintain Your Ideal Weight When Your Thyroid Hormones Are in Sync

Thyroid hormones keep your metabolism humming. For this reason, if your thyroid is low your metabolism slows down leading to weight gain.

If you are experiencing difficulty losing weight it’s a good indicator that your thyroid is working below par.

Did you know triiodothyronine (T3) is the most biologically active thyroid hormone that helps ‘rev’ up your metabolism?

A drop in T3 not only leads to weight gain, it’s also associated with a host of hypothyroid symptoms. This includes such as ongoing fatigue, brain fog and a slower than normal heart rate.

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#2 Healing Your Thyroid Can Help Elevate Your Mood

Unfortunately thyroid dysfunction can mess with your emotional health.

You see the thyroid hormones play a vital role in producing neurotransmitters that help boost your mood. It’s why thyroid dysfunction is associated with depression, anxiety and other mood issues. However there is good news is, effective treatment can lead to significant improvements in your emotional wellbeing.

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#3 Proper Thyroid Function is Vital To Halt Thyroid Hair Loss

Thyroid hormones are highly active within the hair follicles. For this reason, a decline in thyroid hormone activity within the scalp leads to diffuse hair loss. As you can imagine, this is a very distressing hypothyroid symptom.

When you are experiencing thyroid hair loss it’s even more important to treat the underlying thyroid disorder. An effective treatment strategy to help reverse hair loss includes eating a nutrient-dense diet, taking targeting nutrients and adopting other healthy lifestyle changes.

You can learn more here; Why Does Thyroid Hair Loss Signal a Drop in Thyroid Hormone Activity?

#4 Your Thyroid Regulates Your Core Body Temperature To Help Keep You Warm

The thyroid produces critical hormones to  to regulate the speed at which your body is able to generate heat and energy. Critical enzymes, hormones, and nutrients work best within a narrow temperature range. Ideally this is between 36.5 – 37.5 degrees Celsius. That’s the equivalent of 97.8 – 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your thyroid acts as a thermostat to regulate your temperature to ensure your body is functioning in tip-top shape. When this control mechanism is faulty you are sensitive to the cold.

In fact, feeling cold all the time is the number #1 sign your thyroid is low.

Did you know basal temperature testing was used routinely by doctors to check thyroid function?

You see basal body temperature testing is a simple method to assess thyroid function. If you would like to learn more I provide step-by-step instructions on this type of testing here; What Can Basal Temperature Testing Tell You About Your Thyroid Health?

#5 The Thyroid Hormones Support A Healthy Pregnancy

A well-functioning thyroid supports both both male and female reproductive health. If you suspect your thyroid health may be hindering your chances of a healthy conception it’s a good idea to discuss comprehensive thyroid testing with your healthcare practitioner. In fact, I believe this should be routine with any preconception assessment.

It’s also important to know that proper thyroid hormone activity supports ongoing development of the unborn baby. Science tells us that the maternal thyroid hormones fuel up normal development of the brain and nervous system of the unborn baby.

For this reason it’s important that women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy check their thyroid. You may already know a complete thyroid panel includes five basic thyroid tests; thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4, free T3, reverse T3 and the thyroid antibodies.

This article explains more; What You Need To Know About Thyroid Health and Pregnancy


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